You are cordially invited to the World's Highest FORUM, which will be held at the Base Camp of Mount Everest in 2023. This is a forum for the climbing, mountaineering, rescue, high mountain and aerial response ecosystem, where government officials, industry leaders, experts and volunteers will be invited to share ideas, explore technologies and join forces to shape growth.

— Everest 2023 Team
Innovation Rescue Forum

From the darkest year in the history of Mount Everestrest in 2014 and the extreme lost of life in 2019, as much as the fatalities in the Bulgarian aviation, we want to make sure that 2023 will bring new solutions in place to minimize the loss of life and maximize safety in the highest places on the planet. We are organizing the World’s Highest Forum to discuss innovative solutions that will elevate the prevention measures, safety standards and rescue efficiency to a new level.

The Innovative Agency

The Inspiration


There’s a history to this expedition. In 2003 Ivan became the first to work, solo and unsupported at the top of the World’s Tallest structure. Leaving North America to venture into a high rise developing himself, Ivan always knew he’d be looking to reach higher, beyond the height of any new structure that will be built after that “I love Canada and I’m proud of what I achieved there. However, what really excites me is that I can do innovative projects in my Homeland – Bulgaria and create and Innovation Team that can achieve new heights. It’s about using adventure to develop others and inspiring us all having the ambition, courage and opportunity to be our best.”, says Ivan Kristoff.

Our Mission

Our first collaborative project is an expedition to fly at extreme heights to test advanced technology for SAR missions, as high as possible and in doing so provide learning opportunities for both young people and volunteer rescuers, using adventure to inspire them to have the courage to think beyond limits.

Хибридно клетъчно / сателитно GPS проследяване
Опитайте системата за проследяване за себе си, без риск. Свържете се с нас за вашия безплатен пробен период.

Dual tracking by land and air

2019 will be remembered with the high intensity of the death toll in a weak and an epic photo of overcrowding on Mount Everest and climbers passing by dying people. Also, on other high altitude locations in the region, another tragedy and loss of life, struck us and made us think that we need to make drastic changes, review in an open debate with the local sherpas, pilots, rescuers, insurers, adventure companies and government representatives to make solid and battle proven solutions to increase safety and protect life. One technological approach is to take advantage of the new technology that can support the cause. One of them is that v2track launched Satellite Voice, an add-on to its popular Dual-Mode (Hybrid Cellular/Satellite) GPS Tracking device. This new feature will allow users to make and receive Iridium Satellite voice calls in the cockpit to phones or other equipped air rescue aircraft and emergency services personnel.

For us, overcrowding is not the problem, not putting in place efficient ER is the problem. And it can be enhanced with the proper communication – whether it is between humans or via technology.

The S.O.S. Initiative

In the high Himalayas in Tibet, single engine helicopter that responds to air rescue calls are dominant.

Here, we present you a few series of training session, conducted by Ivan Kristoff for Sea – Air – Land, the three worlds of rescue. He conducted the very first aerial rope access test, in real life, for the External Human Host System for heli rescue on board of Enstrom B 408 single engine helicopter. In the Aerial Rope Rescue through the eyes of a volunteer SAR rope access technician, you will see how even an Air SAR tech with a broken hand and other medical restrictions due to a recent accident on a road, can work very effectively with a SAR team of another organization that he just meets on board of a Water SAR vessel. We will enhance the opportunity in the near future, where all SAR operations can be monitored remotely, anywhere, anytime and by anyone related to them.