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The three initials (B.A.S.) of the Belchin Air Show are embedded in the one hundred years history of Bulgarian aviation. The three initials (B.A.S.) that symbolize the concept of Being Always firSt. Ever since its birth, the Bulgarian aviation is tempered in innovation in the aviation. Today the Bulgarian airmen walk on a Holy ground…

A team of Bulgarian, Canadian, American and Emirate cinematographers will give a different view on the Bulgarian aviation. They will follow the aviators from #BelchinAirshow in their SAR training. Some of the footage will show innovation in aviation that will be introduced during the event…

The Belchin Air Show will attract many of the world’s top experts who have the same goal – to share their experience and vision on what will make SAR missions more efficient.


Join us for a ride from Sofia to Belchin on a 50km of pure joy.

moto Ride Belchin The Ultimate Challenge for extreme moto journalism and dealing with emergency situations


Belchin Air Show will set the tradition to present innovative ideas to the SAR community in Bulgaria. With the challenges of the constantly increasing refugee crisis in Europe, where people want to set volunteer structures to deal with the situation, this will be the place to exchange ideas in that direction.”, says Kristoff, known as the Canadian Spiderman.


For the presentation “Creating a volunteer Aerial Rescue Team ”, Ivan Kristoff will present his idea for the organize a Mountain SAR rescue team for the adjacent mountains. He has already invested in building a Training base and Air Traffic Control Tower for volunteer rescuers and will start developing a Mission Control Center for the video monitoring of SAR operations in the whole region of Verila Mountain.


At the Belchin Air Show we plan to interview on Live video streaming pilots  for the Mid Air emeRgency reSponse (M.A.R.S.). Some of the concepts for this project were presented in the near 12 minute Prime Time News on New7 TV. The preferred time and date when you can see  our presentation  will be announced in the first episode of   Ivan Kristoff’s pilot project ” Extreme with friends” TV series.


An interactive Fortis Swiss Watch experience

Фортис Fortis watch
Flieger Professional Chronograph

These are part of the watches that will be given for the Ivan Kristoff’s Initiative to support the event.

From Europe to the Rooftop of the World

The Belchin Air Show will take place at the Belchin region, Bulgaria. Our vision for #BelchinAirShow is to set the tradition to present innovative ideas to the constantly increasing need for Search and Rescue development in Bulgaria and expand the boundaries of SAR operations,


Ivan Kristoff invites his friends, aviators, rescuers and rope access experts in aerial operations. He is developing new solutions to improve the efficiency of vertical and aerial rope operations that he will share with the emergency response community and government organizations that deal with SAR in the three domains: Sea – Air – Land. More Info

By attending his presentations you will become aware of challenging rope access scenarios that happen at the height of over 300 meters off the ground.This is domain that is known as a super high rise buildings. That knowledge will help develop new training procedures for mega high rise buildings above 600 meters. More Info

During Belchin Air Show a concept that can open a new chapter in the vertical and aerial rescue history will be introduced. Mid Air emeRgency responSe – M.A.R.S. – (conducting high altitude aerial rescue). At this event, for the very first time in the world, will be presented a new concept for the Ultimate Aerial Rescue. More Info

Helicopter: AugustaWestland A 139 avio medical helicopter with whinch cabel system

Ново възприемане на българската авиация

По повод на първото по рода си Авиошоу в с.Белчин, екип от пилоти, авиатори и летци-спасители ще пресъздаде част от битката във въздуха на кап. Димитър Списаревски чрез аудио визуалното изкуство. Надяваме се да имаме възможността да представим духовното ДНК на кап. Списаревски на висоти достъпни само за най-смелите…

По идея на Иван Кристоф, направихме първото по рода събитие “Полет над седемте рилски езера”, за да тестваме концепцията за полети над взерата от с. Алино до Мусленските езера. 

Специални луксозни полети ще се осигурят от л. София и др.

A new perception of the Bulgarian aviation

At Belchin Airshow you will meet volunteer and professional rescuers from all over Bulgaria, who will meet to set the new rules of engagement and cooperation for joint missions

“My understanding of the concept for BAS (Belchin Air Show) is B.A.S. (Being Always firSt). this is the path I believe that can be taken for the new 100th Anniversary of the Bulgarian aviation. Built on the proud history and traditions of the Bulgarian aviation, I can elevate the reputation of our aviation to new heights and promote our achievements beyond the boundaries of our homeland. I have done it in the past, and put my life on the line to do it again”, says Ivan Kristoff.

Невероятна гледка от високо, високо над най-високия връх на България

Belchin Airshow
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